The history from Gieschens Hotel – cut-out from a chronicle of the year 1880...

...as the King and the men came for food their car accidently exploded.

At the time of the 30 year old war in the year 1626, the king from Denmark “Christian IV” and his warriors came past our village, in those days the village Achim was totally down, exept for two houses and the church.

The King and his men came for food in the place now called Gieschens-Hotel. But their car accidently exploded during the meal because of a burning cigar.

November the 5th in 1737

Mister Harm Gieschen from Achim aquired a property on the main road formally known as a hospitality and later as a hotel.

February 20th in 1761

Harm Gieschen, Landlord, died Harm Gieschen, Landlord and Köthener, hire


Dairy-farm concession

June 1st in 1829

No. 5495 given to Christian Gieschen


Elisabeth Gieschen and her son Dietrich Gieschen

December 23rd in 1867

Hermann Gieschen, Landlord and Köthener


Mister Hermann Gieschen died very early in the cause of the illness known as TBC , just like the rest of the family. His wife had to sell up the complete property.

Around 1890 from the business letter

Gieschens Hotel is the first house on the square. The house is known as a special place for travellers. The hotel often changes its owners.

July 16th in 1919

Frau Meta List, widowed Kohlmann and born under the name Glander, and her children owned the hotel.

June 27th in 1933

August Kohlmann, Landlord

1. Januar 1959

Hermann Kohlmann, Gastwirt

January 1st 1959

Hermann Kohlmann, Landlord

February 1st 1974

Waltraut Kohlmann, Landlady